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Senior Trainer
Ryan Lee Jones

GYROTONIC® Certified Trainer

GYROKNESIS® Certified Trainer

GYROTONIC® Level 2​ Program 1

GYROTONIC® Archway I Certified Trainer

GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit Certified Trainer

GYROTONIC® Gyrotoner Part 1 Certified Trainer

Ryan's Story

Ryan Lee Jones is a dancer and teacher of Contact Improvisation and The Gyrotonic® Method. Ryan trained at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School in the UK, where two of his choreographic works ‘Margaret and Albert’ and ‘Synonymous’ were both nominated for the David Steele Award 2017.

Ryan continued further movement education at The Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma (ESP).


Since graduation, Ryan has worked with a variety of dance choreographers across the UK, Europe and Hong Kong, including; Rick Nodine, Lauren Potter, Annie Pui Ling Lok, Victor Choi-Wo Ma, Hannah Brotherus, and Director Melly Still, etc.

Ryan’s most recent project this year was at the Royal Opera House, London - Choreographed and Directed by Ann Yee 2023.


Ryan’s teaching approach takes influences from a variety of somatic movement practices;

Feldenkrais, Klein Technique, physio, osteopathy, Conscious Release, Axis Syllabus, yoga and Contact Improvisation.

Ryan’s profound interest in Somatic movement is a result of being diagnosed with a Chronic Knee condition at the age of 16 years and through somatic movement he has been able to continue with a performing career. This later led to a physio Diploma and an osteopathic course with UK Osteopath, Jez Lamb.


Ryan and Nonie first met in 2020 through Contact Improvisation, where they exchanged movement practices regarding Contact Improvisation and bodywork.

Ryan taught at London’s leading Gyrotonic Studio, ‘King’s Cross Studio’ and is currently active in teaching The Gyrotonic® Method to both professional dancers and the general public - age ranging from 11 years to 90 years of age.

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