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What Our Clients Are Saying...


(Applications for Dancers 1)

The last time I took a ballet class was more than 1.5 years ago. But over the last 1.5 years, GYROTONIC® has helped me to find a deeper core connection, created a greater sense of kinesthetic awareness and strengthen plus open my mind and body. The course hasn't been easy but there were times I found myself being so connected and able to execute a dance movement better than when I was in professional dance school. Plus, it was pain-free 
Thank you Adrianna Thompson for sharing your knowledge with us and inspiring us, Nonie Yung for being a wonderful host and for your beautiful energy, the group of trainers for being such amazing course mates!
So excited to be on this journey and I cannot wait to discover more and share the joy of this work with the world.


24 years ago, when I was 39 years old, I underwent an invasive and traumatic operation on my pelvis and groin area, followed by an intensive course of radiation. The operation and subsequent radiation treatment damaged my nervous and lymphatic system and caused numbness in my pelvis, groin and legs. I was informed by my doctors after the operation that in 20 years I would have trouble with my balance and that it would effect my walking.

Immediately after my operation muscle atrophy was severe and my legs were very weak. Nevertheless, I had always been a very fit and active woman, so I continued with my regular exercise. Regardless of how much I exercise I did, I could feel and observe that my mobility and strength were deteriorating slowly. I remained sufficiently mobile during this period to manage my daily activities normally.
It was after I turned 50 years old that the problem really started. My balance and walking became very unstable and I fell down frequently. My doctor sent me for physio, pilates, yoga, taichi, strength coaching etc. Over the last 10 years I have tried all of these methods and therapies and still my balance and walking continued deteriorating, to the point I needed to use walking sticks to assist and support my walking movement when outside of my home.

My confidence and emotional well-being became deeply affected by the issues I was experiencing when walking, and trying to maintain my balance while standing. This continued until earlier this year (2017), when my son asked me to try something different after researching GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Method, as well as a wonderful lady called Nonie Yung who teaches GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Method in Hong Kong.

Well I am so glad that I took his advice and started rehabilitation with Nonie four months ago. Since then, I have been injury free (after falling down with increasing frequency over the last 4 years, to the point where I was falling seriously once every few weeks in the first part of this year). I feel more connected to my body, I feel more stable and my overall functional strength has improved dramatically.

I can now see that I will not need my walking sticks in the not-too-distant future, and can have freedom of mobility, stability, and flexibility.

I am so grateful for the presence of this wonderful, kind teacher and healer in my life – Nonie Yung. God bless you and the work you do.


(Nonie's GYROTONIC® Method and Pilates student since 1999)

Nonie understands individual needs and has the patience and so many tools in her box to help her clients achieve their goals. She is a wonderful teacher who never ceases to acquire new skills and knowledge. She is also supported by a team of trainers who are equally fabulous!I always stand taller and feel serene after every session!


(Background: finance)

I used to have chronic back pain, which is a typical and common issue for city dwellers nowadays due to a deadly combo of extensive hours sitting in the office in front of a computer, bad posture, and high heels...After countless attempts of chiropractor, physio, acupuncture , bone setting and massages, I could not find anything that would have a lasting effect of more than 2 days.  A friend introduced me to Nonie 5 years ago, and since then, I have become a firm believer of GYROTONIC® method. Instead of "correcting" the alignment for you, GYROTONIC® method (with the funky looking machine and precious Nonie) guides you to self-correct and self-align by training your core and stretching out your joints.  The concept may sound a bit fanciful in writing, and obviously I was not miraculously "healed" in a week; but with a dedication to the practice, GYROTONIC® method really helped me to build core strength, which in turn allowed me to hold a better posture, which ultimately healed my back pain.


(Background: high school student, competitive swimmer)

After practising GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Method, I have learnt how to release the tension of muscles. It also helps me: Improves posture, Leads to better co-ordination, To open the body. I always feel good after the class.


(Background: aviation and outdoor enthusiast)

I've been doing GYROTONIC® method off and on for years and in December 2014 did the GYROTONIC® Pre-training course. I believe all that stirring and movements unlocked some tensions, toxins or something else that at first made me feel a little dizzy, but then I got better and finished the training. Now I understand body movements deeper and from a different perspective. I still use these movements and some GYROKINESIS® method once I learned from the teacher on a weekly basis following my day at work or while going outdoor for adventure. It really make a difference. Thanks to all the great advises!

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