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Thinking about becoming a Certified Trainer?

Becoming a Certified Trainer in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Method is a rigorous and in-depth process designed to improve your own understanding and practice of the method, and the teaching of it.

It's not a small commitment, and if you're looking for a quick weekend certification course to get out and teach right away, this isn't the method for you!

However, if you're passionate about movement and well-being and wish to share that passion with others, then teacher training will be your first step on a long and enriching journey into the world of the

It takes about 12-24 months to become a fully certified trainer (more details can be found on the individual training course pages), and you can expect to pay $3500 USD for
GYROTONIC® training, or $2200 USD for GYROKINESIS® training (not including any studio fees charged per training, private/group classes that you will need to do prior to embarking on the trainings, travel costs, equipment rental if necessary for self-practice or to fulfill the required teaching practice hours, etc).

The good news is that now you may start teaching to the public as soon as you have the Apprenticeship certificate (approximately halfway through your certification process)!

Once you successfully complete the training process and pass the certification to become a Certified Trainer, you will then need to take a specialised course/workshop every two years to fulfill continuing education requirements, and pay a license renewal fee also.

For more information on the training process and what we offer at Nonie Studio, please contact

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